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Opium tea is an immensely sedating and numbing beverage. It's equivalent could be compared to downing several vicodin or even oxy tablets... quite enjoyable. Luckily, this tea is legal and easy to make, unlike other opiates (heroine, morphine, etc.). For those of you who don't know, opium has been a drug of religions and societies for just about as long as time has existed. It has very relaxing and euphoric qualities that makes brings on an unbelievable sense of well being and relief within oneself. Follow these few easy steps and you will be in seventh heaven. 1. Obtain a large amount of either dried opium poppy pods or the opium poppy seeds. I prefer the seeds as they are easier to use. You can order 1 ounce of these seeds from BBB by clicking Here. Another alternative to the opium poppy seeds is the Californian Poppy. This poppy contains very similar alkaloids as the opium poppy and will bring on very similar effects. The plus to californian poppy is that it is cheaper, and much less addicting. Order a quarter pound of cut and sifted californian poppies (not seeds, therefore have a higher alkaloid content) from BBB by clicking Here. Either brew works well for us. We prefer the californian due to it's cheaper price, easier use, and better taste. 2. Crush/Grind these seeds in a grinder to produce an opium powder. 3. Steep in hot water, or simply down these seeds in either gel tabs or with a shot of water. Boiling water may break down the opium content of the seeds. 4. If steeping, after about 5 minutes run the beverage through a coffee filter into another cup. This should extract the majority of chunks in the beverage. 5. The tea is often bitter and unpleasant smelling, so some lemon juice and honey always tastes good. 6. Sit down and enjoy a truly relaxing evening with your tea. Quick Links: Opium Poppy Seed: Bowling Ball - 100 gm ($280) / California Poppy 25X Resin Extract, 10 gm ($150.00).

*Due to recent legal issues Vicodin, Hydrocodone and Lortab sales online are blocked.


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