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LSA, a naturally occurring relative to the synthetic drug LSD, has been a popular hallucinogen through the ages. Morning Glory seeds have been used by Mexican Indians and Aztecs for Divination. Baby Woodrose seeds have also been beneficial for Hawaiian tribes from ancient history to the present for many shamanic-like rituals. LSA was confirmed as a hallucinogenic substance by the LSD pioneer, Hoffman. Through laboratory testing it was proven that both substance's primary active ingredient contained the ergot alkaloid. The only structural difference between LSA and LSD is that LSA contains an NH2, and LSD contains N(C2H5)2. Unfortunately this small structural change makes LSA only 5-10% as potent as LSD. However, these two chemicals are still so closely related that if the chemical LSA is extracted from any of the aforementioned seeds it becomes an illegal substance due to its similarity to LSD and extreme potential for synthesis into the illicit substance. As stated above, LSA and LSD share many common traits. The effects follow this same trend. The same thought processes, auras, even breathing walls are prevalent within LSA as they are with LSD. Many have reported that LSA does not cause as intense of a high with as many visual hallucinations as LSD. There have also been many cases where people say they do not feel so much of a come down with LSA, but instead a tranquil feeling that sets them into an intense dream-state after the several hour peak. To achieve a high from either morning glory or Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds one must follow several very simple procedures. To purchase either of the seeds simply click on the corresponding link below. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds contain much more LSA than morning glory, are not normally treated to prevent consumption, and are cheaper. The main reason they are not prevalent is their lack of availability. Fortunately a company such as BotanicalSpirit sell the seeds (25 grams/$49). To obtain a substantial high from these seeds they must either be chewed or grinded before swallowing. 3-7 seeds is sufficient for the average LSD-like trip. Swallowing the seeds whole will not work as well because the human body is not very efficient at digesting entire seeds. Morning Glory - Morning Glory Seeds are more famous than Baby Woodrose, but carry many drawbacks. Most morning glory seeds are treated in a poison, typically Captan, to keep humans from consuming them. BotanicalSpirit carries non-treated morning glory seeds. Another drawback is the amount you must consume to gain a sufficient high. 100-300 seeds (which go for about 500/$20) are required for a typical 200-300 microgram LSD trip. Like baby Woodrose, the morning glory seeds must be completely grinded or chewed to allow for activation of the alkaloid. As with many hallucinogens, nausea is a common side effect. In the 50's and 60's research was conducted that showed eating 1-1/2 hour before consuming would prevent the sick feelings. Consuming Dramamine and/or 1 teaspoon of fresh ginger are some other methods that are supposed to work for counteracting the nausea. Quick Links: Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds: 25 grams ($49.00) / Morning Glory Seeds: Heavenly Blue: 500 gm ($120.00).


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